reno loner (lonely_hebrew) wrote in 2_punk_2_handle,
reno loner

some people that are just too punk to handle,..

this cat is about to be executed... thats what happens when you masturbate kids...

i still dont get this one... the other two kids have their hands out, and it looks like the other kid is reaching down into his pants....

by far... the worst picture in photographic history.

what else can i say... except, "punk rock!"

another victim of masturbation...

this was from a brief but failed project trying to imitate donnie darko... this one had a satanic donkey...

its all over now baby blue...

monks have always been punk rock, and if you think about it... they were the original punks. they're old skool

we ran out of kittens... but something small has to pay

punk rock

our trip downtown last saturday. the original indie punks... haha...

wtf is this?

white bread, beef patty and bbq sauce... aka 'the punkwhich'
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