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conan's sexy sex pool party.!! -- bitchez

Arrrgh!, this is your captain speakin' we'll be landin' soon

,Conan,"Good, a nigga gots to get her gravy train movin'!",

maaan, dat guy tryin' to guide dee plane

Landing Guide Guy,"oh man, I think I just ended up like Tom Cruise in that movie Born on the Fourth of July"

Alec Baldwin's day job, butler

Conan,"Consy here"

Meanwhile at Conan's phat palacial estate...

Rosie O'Donald, Conan's cousin, shows up with Harrison Ford in his Storm Trooper outfit and their both on a sweet Speeder Bike! Thumpin' some of the hot off the charts Elactric Beats

Rosie starts boosing

then starts unloading mass amounts of chunks, orange vomit too, just like her

then the biggest celebrity of all shows up, yup Mr. Neckbreaker himself, yeah you recognize that ponytail


then the EMO-CREW showed up, Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley,

Conor Oberst,

and Chris Carraba

every one was gaping that ass and tearin' vaginas up the party...

Meanwhile, Conan was all of a sudden being atacked by Vin Diesel Yea's "Delorean Gang"

,but Conan out fast and furyed them...

Meanwhile the straight edge kids show up, to gorrila mosh. Bitches
its all about shakin' your hips, not your fists.

Then Henry Rollins got to the place with the Stalone

,Shaq and Big Willy were gettin' down on da pavement doin' prison style B-ball(if yall know what I mean)

Ahhhh!, some goths showed up

ahhhhhhh!, more goths, (wonder where they buy their capes?)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! more goths?!, (remeber that awesome show Ahhh!, Real Monsters?)

the the hoe-barbie was hoen' it up with Stalone

then Jenny Lewis was like bitch yous a bads representations of "womyn"(we gotta get rid of the "men" in Women"
then outta nowheres Stalone was like,"Hold the horses, theirs enough 'Stabone' to go around!"

then Jenny Lewis shot the macaroni out of Stalon

when Jenny Lewis killed him no one cared because it prevevnted him from making another Rocky

outta nowheres Jenny Lewis was like,"DIE!, yous pigs!"

when her womynly rage ended there were piles of dead men

,but she let the womyn and the gayboys live(YEA!)

then a mysterious figure showed up on a killer whale

and it was pop superstar Beck!

and his magical perfomance brought everyone back to life!:)

but this kid was sitting their not watching Beck and was listening to his i-pod:(

oh, never mind he's listening to Karate:)Awesomness!

Meanwhile, Conan was on his merry little way to the partay! and some guy stopped him

Wierdo,"beware conan you will be murdered, the first sign is a killer robot will show up, the second sign is another killer robot will show up, the third is monkeys will fix a DeLorean", but Consy was like waevah

At the party... Spiderman"So your Goth, how gay of you"


Spiderman,"Oh what the hell happend, my whole body is in an unspeakable pain"

Oh Snap! it's the Cone Man!

later Conan and Jerry Sienfeld are talking about property value and Conans new whale...

*GASP* a killer robot shows up...

*GASP* another killer robot shows up


so Conan beats Jerry Sienfeld to death


No! Conans been murdured


Wolverine,"That makes me sick"

Robocop shows up to solve the horrid crime!

this was founded at the scene of the crime

wich guy with a missing arm is it?

firs try, ain't this fag

second try, oh shit its Toby Mcguire

so the killer robots ripped him in half...

oh well, Spiderman 2 sucked and was insanely overated anyways,

THE END... ?

(this is dedicated to 9/11)

this was made by these users(I'm too tired to make links)





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