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lindsay lohan owns her pseudo blow job giving ass.
im gonna get lindsay lohan's name tattooed on my ass, then she'd own my ass too

and who wouldnt want to own two asses? i would.
one time i went to lake powell and cliff dived, but i landed on my ass. i wish'd i had another ass then.

or if your pants didnt fit just right with one ass, you could try em on the other ass

this is a good idea..."Tyler's Ass Rental Agency"
Or you could go the easy route and get yourself some ass implants. After Mrs.JLo hit the scene, everyone wanted an ass.

Deleted comment

that is awfully true. but would it not look awfully strange - as would one with three humongous boobs?
perhaps its detatchable? you could log it around in something similar to what you carry around band instruments... tubas and the like. then you could even store it away for special occaisions. birthdays, cocktail parties,... orgies.

yes... this is all coming together magnificently! buhuuhahauhaha!
I am indeed loving this. You can really start a neat business with this concept. In fact, I want some ass right now.
rofl my ted koppel.

yeah, ever since i graduated i've been trying to figure out what to do with my life. i thought hey, start a business.

i went through a few briefly entertained ideas about some off the wall idea's like real estate and a t-shirt factory, but this... this is practical, this is solid.

"i'm doin it! it is done! *raises hands and smacks them on table, gun on table goes off... exploding the gently resting cat off of the face of existence* Oh my god?!? is it dead?!
I am thrilled that I steered you in the correct direction.
yeah, i'll be thrilled after i cash in on this golden ass-ticket.
then i could get the month long bus pass... i'd be such a pimp.
you think the handicapped girls like me now... shiiet you just wait.

man, i'm kinda taking a 'no' pounding from the indievidual community
(i mean, me an rus just made emerald jaguar as a joke..{with the hoobastank thing and all} but i thought i answered the app pretty legit)
i guess some people dont realize/appreciate irony. or sarcasm for that matter either.
I thought it was refreshing to see an application not exclaiming how brilliant those fuckers from Thursday or Taking Back Sunday are. Plus you were beyond hot, as is johansen. I did not even catch a glimpse of you praising Hoobastank anywhere on the application. I was terribly confused. Those people are just losers and don't fancy grand music. Although, I don't like Hoobastank too much and I doubt you do either.
you have aim? or msn? i'm terribly bored and want to chat.. but this one at a time/refresh my web browser thing doesnt really work for me
haha - yes i do, kyootiexmeeh .
i guess so, having just one mega-ass would cut on the cost and time of karting around a whole second ass. but i think i still like the versatility of the dual ass.