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we dont confrom to your non-conformist standards

too punk to handle
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Hey, this is 'Too Punk to Handle' a community for people who are just off the charts punk. People who are seperated and sometimes even ostracized from the standard punk community.

We're a breed of our own, going out of our way to be punk, keeping up the act when nobody is around. We don't even belong within the social circles of other punks.

We wont conform to your facist non-conformist standards involving music and clothing.
1-800-collect commercials, 100% pure maple syrup, 10cc, 77, 99 cent menus, alejandro escovedo, anton newcombe, anything gold, arthur nersesian, beeswax, being 15, bill cosby, black people, bob pollard, boy scouts of america, brian jones, brown pants, brutal animal pornography, carrot top, chan marshall, changing room defacation, combat boots, cordouroy, corduroy, creative plastic surgery, david sedaris, denny's, digging before i call, english majors, fat punks, fresh packs of gum, gay sex, geoff farina, good suit material, granny panties, grave robbers, group discount on tattoo's, gunshot wounds, harmonica solos in rap, henry rollins, hispanic mcdonalds workers, i'm so black, iggy pop, jazz odyssey, joe strummer, joe the vegetaian, john cale, johnny ramone, jolie holland, juggalo's, langley schools music project, leather jackets, littering, looters, loretta lynn, lou reed, lumberjacks, making the band ii, mall punks, mary lou lord, maury povich, michael keaton, midnight burials, my baby's momma carlita, national film board, neko case, nyc, open mic nites, out of tune guitars, protest songs, pubic hairs on urinals, public urination, punk, race riots, rapping about the future, ripping my clothing, ryan adams, samuel l. jackson, silver jews, solomon burke, southside johnny, sticky countertops, switchblade combs, the jig is up, the onion, the transporter, throat fucking, trust fund hippies, tupac shakur, unknwon hinson, upright citizens brigade, usa up all night, vin diesel yeah, waking up drunk, we dont die, wesley willis, whistle solos, white jeans, willie nelson, wine boxes, writing in binary, zach galifianakis